Uncorrelated Assets in Times of Volatility & High Rates

Percent CEO Nelson Chu, Yieldstreet CEO Michael Weisz and Forge's Howe Ng joined Vincent CEO Eric Cantor for a discussion about alternative asset investing in volatile markets.

During the discussion, we heard about:

  • Why investors should consider alternative assets to achieve a healthy and diversified portfolio.
  • Private credit is an exciting asset class that offers uncorrelated returns and can be a good option for investors.
  • Different asset classes have varying degrees of correlation to the broader market, and it's important to understand the correlation when building a portfolio.
  • Providing options and customization is crucial to meet the diverse needs and risk tolerances of investors. There is a lack of investable indices in the private market space, limiting the ability to passively invest in this asset class.
  • Transparency and expertise are important factors in providing access to private markets.
  • Investors should conduct thorough due diligence and research when considering investments in private markets.
  • and much more...

Full Transcript

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