Smart Humans: Republic’s Kendrick Nguyen Returns

"If you hold a single note, you're gonna share a little tiny bit in the success of every company that touches Republic because Republic itself has an upside interest in all of them." - Kendrick Nguyen, CEO, Republic


  • Republic has experienced significant growth and expansion, becoming a global investment platform with a focus on digitizing assets. 
  • AI has become core to the operating activities of Republic, improving efficiency and productivity across teams and divisions.
  • The Republic Note allows investors to share in the success of Republic and its portfolio companies. 
  • Share Drops enable companies to reward their loyal customers with equity. 
  • The future of Republic includes further expansion, the commoditization of the e-finance stack, and partnerships with global brands.


Kendrick Nguyen is CEO of Republic, a multifaceted venture firm and investment platform connecting global investors with tech startups. Prior to Republic, he served as general counsel of AngelList and was a Fellow at Stanford University. He is a founding adviser to CoinList, NOW Ventures and an angel investor himself. An immigrant from Vietnam, Kendrick has a strong interest in improving access to capital for underserved entrepreneurs in the US and beyond.

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