Smart Humans: Republic’s Kendrick Nguyen

"Money matters, how you buy and certainly how you invest. And if I put my money in a public company, I mean, the impact, the influence, it just can't compare to investing or backing small businesses, innovations and ideas and technologies." - Kendrick Nguyen


  • Nguyen focuses on alternative investments and societal impact, not just wealth generation
  • Over 80% of his portfolio is in high-risk alternatives, aligned with his modest lifestyle and long-term view.
  • He predicts a surge in public participation in private and alternative investments.
  • He sees blockchain as transformative for the financial sector's efficiency and accessibility.
  • Republic aims to create a multi-trillion-dollar market in fintech and alternative investments.


Kendrick Nguyen is CEO of Republic, an investment platform connecting tech startups and blockchain projects with global investors. Prior to Republic, he served as general counsel of AngelList and Fellow of Stanford University’s Center for Corporate Governance. He is a founding adviser to NOW Ventures and CoinList, an ICO platform. An immigrant from Vietnam, Kendrick has a strong interest in improving access to capital for underserved entrepreneurs in the US and beyond.

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