Smart Humans: QED's Frank Rotman

"Part of the reason for investing in alts is to have something that's resilient through different cycles. You don't invest in alts if you're looking for something that correlates with stocks or bonds." - Frank Rotman


  • Single-family real estate is a resilient and inflation-resistant investment.
  • The banking industry is undergoing a wave of innovation.
  • There are new ways of moving, storing, and investing money, and entrepreneurial culture is growing globally.
  • Navigating the current market requires building resilient businesses and understanding market corrections.
  • Collectibles like comic books can be both a passion and an investment.


Frank Rotman is a Founding Partner and the Chief Investment Officer of QED Investors. His investment focus has been on emerging next-generation fintech and proptech companies. Frank was one of the earliest analysts hired into Capital One and he spent almost 13 years building and managing many of the company’s business units, credit organizations and operational areas. Frank graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in Applied Mathematics (B.S.) and Systems Engineering (M.S.). He writes prolifically on Twitter as @fintechjunkie and posts additional content frequently on and


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