Smart Humans: Issuance's Darren Marble

"Private is the new public. There's never been a more exciting time to invest in privately held companies." - Darren Marble


  • Issuance has processed about a quarter billion dollars across various offerings, indicating significant growth and impact in the equity crowdfunding space.
  • Darren emphasized the importance of founders investing in their own companies to demonstrate confidence and commitment to potential investors.
  • The transition from rewards-based crowdfunding to equity crowdfunding opened up opportunities to support companies in raising capital for their businesses.
  • Private markets offer exciting investment opportunities, and retail investors can now participate in these markets.
  • Marketing and storytelling are crucial in crowdfunding campaigns, and a compelling narrative can lead to crowdfunding success.


Darren Marble is a serial entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. Darren is the co-founder and CEO of Issuance, a leading software as a service (“SaaS”) platform for online capital raising. Issuance has processed more than $250 million from retail investors across its offerings to date. He is also an Executive Producer of Going Public, a groundbreaking original series that follows the stories of founders on their capital-raising journeys. For the first time, viewers globally can Click-to-Invest in featured companies while they watch.

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