Smart Humans: Groundfloor's Brian Dally

"We're the only founders in real estate investing who weren't real estate guys or financial engineers, and that's why we built something different." - Brian Dally


  • Groundfloor is a provider of capital to real estate investors who are fixing and flipping properties or building new housing stock.
  • Groundfloor's loans are high-yield, short-term, and backed by real estate assets.
  • Debt investments offer shorter timelines, predictability, and attractive yields compared to equity investments.
  • The platform offers automated investing options and fixed-term notes for varying investor preferences.
  • Investors can diversify portfolios with fractional shares of real estate loans, starting with as little as $1.00.


Over a 25-year entrepreneurial career that spans IP communications, wireless telecom, and finance, Brian Dally has pushed the boundaries of how disruptive Internet technologies can be applied to solve large-scale consumer problems and distribute value to all.

As the co-founder and CEO of Groundfloor, a wealth tech platform that allows everyone to build wealth through real estate, Brian has helped make private capital markets radically more accessible to new participants. Under his leadership, Groundfloor became the first company qualified by the SEC to offer direct real estate debt investments via Regulation A to non-accredited investors and accredited investors alike. In 2020, Groundfloor made its debut on Inc. Magazine’s prestigious list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America. It’s now been on the Inc 5000 list four years in a row. Most recently, Groundfloor was named to the 2024 Forbes Fintech 50 as one of the most important innovators changing the way people save, spend, and invest. Brian has also been recognized for his entrepreneurial leadership by many organizations.

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