Smart Humans: Fanatics Collectibles' Josh Luber

"Trading cards for culture means capturing the essence of people who matter in our society – whether musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, or artists – they're as important and as iconic as any athlete." - Josh Luber


  • Josh Luber is the founder of StockX and Fanatics Collectibles.
  • He discusses his personal portfolio, focused on safe, long-term investments and an over-indexing in cards due to his deep competence with them.
  • Contrary to his involvement with StockX, Luber views sneakers as poor long-term investments due to material deterioration.
  • He predicts future growth in the trading card industry and sees comic books and video games as potentially undervalued collectibles.
  • He is bullish on cryptocurrencies and NFT.


Josh is the co-founder of Fanatics Collectibles and the founder of zerocool, the company’s pop culture, art, and entertainment vertical. He is also a co-founder of StockX, the world’s first ‘Stock Market of Things’, where he led the rise from idea to billion-dollar company in less than three years, cementing StockX as the world's leading marketplace for sneakers, apparel, and collectibles. In 2019, Josh stepped down as CEO to focus on StockX’s ‘startup within a startup activities’, including leading the nascent trading cards vertical. A year later, he left StockX to return to his entrepreneurial roots with the goal of revolutionizing the trading card industry as he’s done for sneakers.

Before StockX, Josh founded and ran four other startups and, in between each, had varying corporate jobs ranging from IBM strategy consultant to Alston & Bird bankruptcy attorney. He has an undergraduate BBA and joint JD/MBA from Emory University.

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