Smart Humans: 3i Members' Mark Gerson

“The best alternative investments are all in the same place, which is in the portfolios of the best alternative investors.” - Mark Gerson


  • 3i is a members-only investor network that shares high-quality alternative investment opportunities, leveraging collective expertise.
  • 3i places an emphasis on creative, non-traditional investments for non-correlated, high yields.
  • 3i utilizes crowdsourcing to vet and select the most promising investment opportunities from within its network.
  • 3i also focuses on philanthropic efforts and building strong community ties among members.
  • Mark views Crypto, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum, as significant and compelling investment opportunities.


Mark Gerson is an investor, businessman, and philanthropist. He Co-Founded Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), Thuzio, and most recently, 3i Members. Mark is also the Co-Founder and Chairman of United Hatzalah, a network of volunteer medics in Israel, and the African Mission Healthcare Foundation.

3i Members is an investing network of 400+ investors—all who have exited a company or lead a family office. Members participate in monthly deal meetings, regional events, diligence discussions, and more. 3i deal flow is characterized by its high-yielding nature (15-20%+ IRRs), underwritable, uncorrelated, and off-market alternatives with asymmetric return profiles.

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